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Smart Ways to Add Smart Technology to Your Home

March 16, 2017

Smart Homes are all the rage right now, everyone either has one or wants one. The real estate market is feeling it—homes with smart technology are better sellers—because people are now demanding the technology. People assume that a Smart Home is a luxury, however, we’ve got some suggestions on how to make your pad clever and cozy, without…  

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The Next Step in Medical Science: the Internet of Things

April 13, 2016

How One Company Plans to Keep You Healthy With a Smart Home Installation Staying healthy can take up a lot of time. Regularly choosing the right foods and keeping track of which medicines you need are pressure-filled tasks. But as technology develops to simplify your lifestyle, it raises the question: why can’t staying healthy be easier? Well, i…  

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Can We Really Say Goodbye to Sluggish Internet?

February 2, 2016

Plus: What the Starry Station Means for Your Smart Home Installation Hey, remember Aero? The company that made it possible to pluck cable signals directly from the air for free and easy access to TV content. They were pretty quickly put out of business when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a number of television broadcasters that the se…  

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