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Upgrading your Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Delray Beach property with a smart home installation? Find out why our services come highly recommended.

Highly Recommended!

“iHummingbird provided a very good service to us. We are very pleased with the outcome for what we hired them to do. We have nothing but good things to say about them! I would recommend them to anyone!”

Daniel - Miami., August, 2018

Very Satisfied!

“iHummingbird took care of all of my sound equipment needs. They did it nicely and efficiently. They also serviced my computer and performed that nicely and quickly. I was thrilled and surprised that I got such good service, and believe me as a business owner it is very hard to find great customer service. Richard is a good man, someone you can trust and I would and have referred him to family members and that is a big deal when you do that. I believe he will treat them the same as he treated me. I do think that he may need to work longer hours because I believe his store is only open six or eight hours in a day, or it may be that his technicians are busy as well, but I would like to see it open longer hours. Richard met my timeline restrictions for completion of this job and the next time I am in Delray I will arrive with an offer for lunch! Great guy, trustworthy and very knowledgeable about what he does!”

Bill F -., August, 2018

Made Life Easy For Me

“The employees at iHummingbird are very savvy and I appreciate all of the help that they have given me. Whenever I am having problems with my computer, they know exactly what to do and they are able to fix any issue. I have been using them for around seven months. The communication between the team and I has been very convenient for me. In fact, one of the reasons that I went with iHummingbird was because of how easy it was to get into contact with them. I would definitely recommend their service to other people and I would continue to use them in the future.”

Bruce H - Boca Raton, FL., 5/10/18

The Dream Team

“From the moment I met with Richard to the final install... this is a dream team of professionals. The constant and timely communications via phone, email and texts... to the professional and efficient install for everything to be 100%. For a household who hardly watches TV... we are now the proud owners of two 65" TVs with sonos sound bars and subwoofers (to feel like we're in the movies!) to Apple TV and a Savant remote (which I do think I can command to cook dinner) to a wireless internet system (which i think if you are in a closet under a steel blanket - the internet would still work!).... The remodeled house is set for an awesome sound and tv experience. These guys 'get' their product and the customer experience.”

Alice K.- The Dream Team., 12/04/2017

Excellent Service! Highly recommend!

“Richard and Daniel at iHummimgbird did an excellent job! They know the technology well and all our emails and phone calls were answered very quickly. The service was fantastic and I would highly recommend them. They were knowledgeable about their products and are a professional team. Richard and Daniel were both proactive and followed up to make sure everything was working and reminded us to call them when we needed a refresher on the products they installed. Our experience was very positive and I would definitely recommend iHummingbird.”

Todd L- Delray Beach FL., 06/06/2016

Installed and updated TV / Sonos

“iHummingbird came to my house and I had them install the Sonos system , a new amp , and 2 new TVs. They also reprogrammed my remotes and Xfinity boxes. They were top notch. They were polite, clean and very professional. They even went the extra mile and when they were completed made sure that all my exisitng TVs etc worked before they left. They even called 2 days later to make sure that everything was up and running to my expectations. i would highly recommend them.”

Jeff K.- Boca Raton, FL., 02/04/2016