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App Navigation

Just tap the icon for your Cable TV provider and then tap the ★. From there you can press and hold a Favorite to delete it, or scroll down to the + symbol and tap to add a new one. Any change you make will automatically sync to your Remote.

Make the App feel like your own. Use the Settings menu to add photos for any room, create user profiles for fast access to Favorites, and set notifications that tell you what’s happening at home while you’re away.

When a service is active, you can press and hold the icon to bring up a short menu that lets you make adjustments—like dimming or volume control—more quickly than navigating deeper into the App.

From the Whole Home view, simply swiping down lets you access the Rooms view, and swiping down again sends you back. The same gesture works in a single Room view, too.

From the lighting service in the Single Room view, tap LIGHTS and adjust each lamp until you’ve created the perfect atmosphere—then capture the settings into a scene so you can re-create it any time with the touch of a button.

If you have more than one Savant Lamp Controller in a room, you can make controlling them easier by assigning a name to each one through the Devices panel of the App.

If your Remote is across the room and you don’t want to get up, the App is a perfect substitute. The … icon gives you access to more seldom used buttons, and if you don’t see the one you want, just tap Add Button for a list of additional commands.

Cable Video Services

It’s easy—just press and hold the up or down arrow. The longer your press, the faster the Page Up/Page Down will be.

You can use the “Last” button to toggle between channels, but is also lets you navigate back through a menu. If you have Apple TV or stream content through your Blu-ray player, use “Last” the same way you’d use your “Back” button.

Buttons like the triangle, square, and picture-in-picture can still be found on the Savant Remote, but not in physical button form. Swipe right from the number keypad to uncover all of these additional commands.

There are two commands on the Savant Remote that all TiVo users should know—the “Menu” button brings up the TiVo Central® screen, and the “D” button on the touchscreen lets you skip over commercials any time you like.


When the lights are low, the music is just right, and you think to yourself, “I like this,” just tap Capture to save the current settings into a scene you can recall anytime.

With the Scene Scheduler you can schedule your lights based on the movement of the sun—so as the sun begins to set, your lights can fade up gently to help ease your way into evening.

Scheduling scenes when you’re on vacation lets you use lighting to keep your home safe. Set lamps to go on at times that match your schedule so it always looks like you’re home, even when you’re halfway around the world.

Both Android and iOS devices—including Apple Watch—let you add a Savant widget, which gives you faster access to the scenes you use most. You’ll enjoy one-touch control without even opening the Savant App.

Remote Usage

You can tap the power icon on the touchscreen to turn off any active entertainment service, but the Power button on top of the remote can be used in a variety of ways:
• Press and release to turn off active entertainment devices
• Press and hold for five seconds to power off the Remote
• When off, press and release to power on the Remote and the last active entertainment devices.
When the Remote is on, it will sleep while not in use and wake up automatically when you lift it.

Have your devices become out of sync with another? Tap the ? icon in your Cable or Apple TV service. We’ll quickly guide you through getting your system back in line.

Good news—you’ll never have to worry about when to replace your Blaster batteries, because Savant will email and let you know when it’s time to do so.

If you’re using Savant Blasters to control your entertainment devices, you can place your Remote almost anywhere within 30 feet. Open floor plan? Put it on the kitchen counter to make it easier to enjoy playlists with your pancakes.