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Smart Advisor

Why Schlep to the mall? If you’re in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach or anywhere in South Florida, an iHummingbird Smart Advisor will come to you! Whatever problem you’re having,like getting your emails, figuring out Maps, FaceTime with your kids and grand kids, printing wirelessly, organizing your photos or figuring out your passwords, we can fix the problem and teach you how to use your smart device and all the cool apps. From lighting control, to smart thermostats and your entire smart home installation, there’s almost nothing we can’t handle. And, best of all, we come to you at a time that works for you…no four hour window! Make an appointment with a trusted technician today to get started!

Smart Device

Want to learn how to Facetime? Sync your email? iTunes? How about Maps? We’ll make using your iPhone or Android fun and easy!

  • google map iconMaps – Want to know how to get there? Easy!
  • text iconText – Message family & friends.
  • facetime iconFacetime – Stay in touch with your kids.
  • photos iconPhotos – Get organized.

new device?

get connected

  • Mail – Overwhelmed? We can help!
  • Apps – Find the right app for you!
  • Calendar – Never forget an appointment.
  • Settings – Customize your iPad or iPhone.

Mac & PC Training

Why bother doing it yourself, when you can have us do it for you? All you have to do is ask and we will get your devices set up in no time!

  • Mac OS X, iWorks, iLife
  • Microsoft Windows & Office
  • Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • iTunes – Let us show you the power.
  • Quickbooks – Program training

need setup?

get started

  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar – Organize your life!
  • Upgrade Hardware & Software
  • Password Management – Apps and Software
  • Cloud Storage – iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Folder & Docs Management – Get organized

Installation & Setup

Want to learn a new program? Is your computer running too slow? Need to organize your files? We can get you started right away!

  • setupSetup Computer &┬áSmart Devices
  • backupBackup Files & Photos
  • upgradeUpgrade Hardware
  • updatesUpdates

need setup?

get help

  • syncSync all devices
  • wirelessWireless Printer Setup
  • cleanupClean & Upgrade
  • smart deviceSmart Device Installation