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Bird Brain Review: Nest Cam

June 14, 2016

Is the Camera the Perfect Addition to Your Nest Installation? Selecting surveillance systems used to be a hassle. First, you had to choose the model you liked – doing research on each of the specs and so on. Then you had to schedule an appointment with your local AV technician to come by and install the complex, hardwired gear into your walls. T…  

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Apple’s iPhone to Control Your Home

July 23, 2014

Apple announced at it’s annual WWDC conference that it would be entering the home automation market with the introduction of Apple’s HomeKit. HomeKit will be a single app that will control 3rd party devices such as Nest thermostats, lighting control, door locks, garage door control, motorized shades, and more. Interestingly absent was any annou…  

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What’s the Deal with Home Automation?

July 5, 2014

Home automation has been the promise for decades. From the 1968 World’s Fair to Disney World’s Home of the Future, we have been promised advances in the “smart” home. Well, up until now, you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars and have a tech on-call all the time. The systems were custom installed, custom programmed, complicated and o…  

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